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About us

Carol has had over 15 years of experience in pet care. She moved to New York over 21 years ago and has enjoyed providing loving care to all pets. She worked for a master dog trainer for 8 years, where she was responsible for training and the care of some of New York’s elite dogs, including rare breeds, show dogs and everyday beloved family pets.

Michael is a native new yorker who once designed exotic high-end home theaters and fully integrated electronic media systems. However he has always felt more comfortable with animals. He has cared for reptiles, rodents, fresh and saltwater fish and of course cats and dogs. Michael played a vital role in the growth and development of British Canine Academy. He now has nearly 7 years of professional petcare experience. Walking, pet sitting and being the personal chauffeur to many of British Canine Academy’s  pet friends when they need to meet a vet or make a grooming appointment. He claims to be the ‘fun one’,  and all the dogs agree.



Nick was born and raised in Virginia with a bunch of dogs, cats, and gerbils. He moved to Boston to get his degree in Audio Production at The New England Institute of Art. He relocated to Brooklyn in 2009, where he has been making music, walking dogs, and riding bicycles ever since. He lives in Crown Heights and grows a vegetable garden on his roof. Since his building doesn’t allow dogs, he has a cat and gets his dog fix by working at the British Canine Academy and loving it! Nick has just released his new album, check it out here http://teashaderecords.bandcamp.com/releases