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“We began our training with Carol three years ago. She had our black lab puppy completely trained on the leash, in the home, and with other dogs in just three sessions. Carol was very thorough and gave us the tools we needed to continue the training at home. Since then, we have enjoyed a very well behaved dog who knows commands and can follow our lead. I would highly recommend Carol for dog training and/or dog walking services! She’s the best!”
– Mia’s Mum

“Carol rocks! I have recommended her to all my pet owning friends with great success and I’m sure tons of doggy kisses.”
– Shannon B.

“Carol is fantastic. We began working with her to train our lively pup, and her logical approach helped so much. Now, some 9 months later we’ve had wonderful experience with her training, dog walking, pet sitting and consultations. She once reminded us that a happy dog is a tired dog; we might add, and a dog that gets to meet Carol!”
– Nika’s Dad

“If you’re looking for a dog walker, you can stop your search– you’ve found your woman.

We knew Carol treated our dog well– my husband and I always came home to a happy, exercised dog with a refreshed water bowl and an empty bladder. It was obvious that Carol is dedicated to her job and dedicated to the dogs she walks.

We’d always said how lucky we were to have such a great, reliable dog walker, but the phrase “lucky” changed meaning the day that Carol called my husband at work to let him know that our dog wasn’t feeling well. We didn’t know what to do– we both had long days full of meetings– and Carol quickly volunteered to take our pup to the vet. Not only that, she also got a urine sample (!) from our dog so the vet would have all the info he needed.

We knew our girl was in competent, caring hands, and that she would be well taken care of until we got home. It really relieved any worries we had.

Carol sets the standard for other dog walkers to aspire to– she is the best of the best! Reliable, caring, committed, and willing to go the extra mile… What more could you ask for?”
– Schooners Mum

“Carol has been reliable, dependable, and like a mom to Ruby and Sadie. They look forward to seeing her every day! And she’s also very flexible as we often change things last minute. It’s hard to find someone that you totally trust, but we have no worries with Carol at all.”
– Ruby & Sadie’s Mums

“I highly recommend the British Canine Academy! This small, family-run business is outstanding because of its LOVE of dogs, professionalism and flexibility! Our dog, typically very shy, took to Carol very quickly. It is so reassuring to know that your dog is being walked by people that you can really trust and are passionate about our canine best friends. Further, as business owners, Carol & Michael are a pleasure to work with. They respond to inquiries timely, can help out with short notice, and understand that one’s schedule can lead to last minute changes. You will not be disappointed and neither will your pooch!”
– Maggie’s Mum

“We moved to Prospect Heights, Brooklyn over a year ago and we were very nervous about finding someone to help us with our large dog during the work day. We researched and interviewed a number of companies, and we finally decided on British Canine Academy. Not only can they help with walking, but they are also obedience trainers. I have a mastiff and I don’t trust just anyone walking my 100 pound dog. Carol and Michael treat our dog like its their own which gives us peace of mind. I have the utmost faith and trust in British Canine and I highly recommend them.”
– Simba’s Mum & Dad

“Carol and her team have been walking our chocolate lab puppy, Wrigley, every day since he was 3 months old and we couldn’t be happier. Wrigley is now an 8 month old happy, well behaved, thriving puppy! He enjoys his daily walks and is great on the leash and with other dogs. The flexibility and responsiveness we have experienced is fantastic and very helpful with our busy and ever changing schedules.”
– Wrigley’s Mum & Dad

“I can’t say enough good things about Carol and Michael Hernandez and The British Canine Academy!

My husband and I are first-time dog owners and we are OBSESSED with our little dachshund, Weens. She is so important to us and I am a little crazy about her! I am extremely over-protective of her but the moment we met Carol we knew we had found the perfect dog walker for Weens. We trust Carol and Michael with her every day, knowing that they give her one-on-one attention and care. I am so appreciative of the attentiveness with which they care for her, the personalized notes they leave each day and the daily calendar updates so that when we get home from work we know how Weens’ walk went. Carol and Michael have also been wonderful in terms of last minute walks. If we end up working late, or have unexpected plans pop up, Carol and Michael are always willing to walk her in the evening. It’s so comforting to know that Weens is being looked after by such trustworthy, kind and thoughtful people while we’re away. I am happy to share my experiences with anyone interested in working with Carol, Michael and the British Canine Academy.”
– Weens’ Mum & dad

“Where would I be without British Canine Academy? The obedience tips that Carol gave me during training have been invaluable, and I would be lost without weekday walks. The folks at BCA are flexible, accommodating, and really pleasant to work with. And most importantly – the pup loves them!”
– Lila’s Mum

“We feel very lucky to have found Carol and British Canine Academy. It a great feeling to go to work (or go away for the weekend) and feel 100% sure that Stella is being well looked after and exercised by a professional. What is particularly important to us (aside from us liking Carol, and Stella the dog absolutely adoring Carol) is that we never have to scramble to find coverage, as Carol has a team of people we trust to step in on the rare occasions Carol is unavailable. We love the way BCC goes above and beyond in their service (weekend pet-sitting, daily reports, constant contact). We also know if something were ever wrong with Stella, Carol would do all the right things (whether it’s cleaning up a mess, or getting Stella to a vet). We recommend British Canine Academy without reservation – we’ve had many dog walkers and pet-sitters over the years, and Carol and her team are by far the best.”
– Stella’s Dad